COMBO DECORATOR KIT, Arch, Column, Star, Heart, w vinyl base weights,

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COMPLETE DECORATOR KIT FOR 20 FT ARCH, 2X 6 FT COLUMNS, 8 FOOT WALK THRU STAR ARCK, AND 9 FOOT STAR ARCH. Star and Heart Arch kit each assemble in a minute or two using new push button snap in place connectors. Sturdy aluminum and steel frame and connectors. NO MESSY TAPING needed on joints. All arches and columns come with steel flange hardware and vinyl water/sand fillable weights that weigh 10 to 45 lbs depending on size and how you fill. Wet sand weighs the most and has no leak worries. Flanges with vinyl weights and provided plastic coated cardboard base alone work fine indoors. (For outdoors, please use 3 screws or bolts to fasten to 12" x12" or larger wood or metal base plate not provided.)

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