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NEW!  10% off three or more!
Buy three or more of our new Professional Balloon Transporters and/or OTHER ACCESSORIES, any combination, and save 10% or more on your order off the single unit suggested price.  Exact prices may vary.  AT CHECKOUT, TYPE "SRC10" AT THE COUPON CODE PROMPT


FREE!  Automatic Balloon Klipper!
Get one free Automatic Balloon Clipper with purchase of any brand of 1,000 automatic chain Klips from your favorite distributor. Limit one each per retail location.  All orders shipped from nearest participating distributors.  How to receive your FREE Balloon Clipper Tool:

1) Order a bag of 1000 of any brand of chain clips from your favorite distributor at their regular list price.

2) Email/fax/mail us a copy of the invoice with promotion item circled. For contact information click here.

3) We will send your clipper to the address on the copy of the invoice we receive. For more than one retail location, please list each location to receive a free clipper.

Check out our Distributors for a list of participating shops in your area.

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