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Congratulations on your choice of BONUS brand, or GRIDZ brand grids.  These rigid matrix design grids combined with your creativity will allow endless design options for murals, sculptures, arches, stage background, logos and much more.


Description:  Each grid measures 30cm x 30cm (about 12”x 12”).  And each grid is divided into 4 squares sized about 6” x 6”.  There are two smooth sides and two sides with clips.  The clip sides can be fastened to the smooth sides of other grids to expand projects to the desired size (1).  Optionally, for maximum strength, each grid can be oriented with all like front sides face “UP”. We define face “UP” sides to be those with tiny little solid plastic circles in the corners of the GRIDZ.  Opposite face does not have these plastic circles. When making curved walls or arches with grids, this is most important as this allows more flex in one direction than the other when consistently oriented and attached this way. 

Gridz Plastic Decorator Panels

Below are just some of the projects you can click on to see detailed instructions on how to create them with GRIDZ:


-City Skyline                                         -Fancy Column

-Pirate Ship                                          -Playhouse

-Train                                                    -Trees


-Popcorn Box (With Popcorn!)


Jump top our ideas page for even more GRIDZ projects.

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