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Eduardo Seiti Balloon Engineering and Design


Our good friend Eduardo of Eduardo Seiti Balloon Design and Engineering has been teaching balloon tips and techniques since 1996.  Check out his website for the latest and greatest projects, pictures, information and more!

With a background in electrical engineering, Eduardo Seiti, CBA, has an interesting and colorful history that’s led him to be one of the few Certified Balloon Artists in Brazil who is truly making a living with balloons. 


                                     Eduardo started

                                     decorating with

                                     balloons in 1996

                                     and has since

                                     produced 10

                                     best-selling videos

and more than 27 specialized trade magazines for the balloon industry. His colorful projects have been displayed in over 30 articles in decor magazines. 


His experience as an engineer has helped him to create the complex projects that he is regularly requested to execute. At the same time, his simplistic style for teaching balloon techniques makes him one of the best instructors in the industry!

Here you'll find notes, diagrams, and pictures from Eduardo's Balloon Classes.

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